Maybe the sperm could take seasick pills.

News from our Syrian brothers & sisters.


Where did BLM/Antifa disappear to–it must be election time.  Maybe they moved in with the BLM cofounder who has bought more real estate than Bill Gates.


The Midterm Editor:  What is new, LL ?

Oh Look Cat:  Watch out for this in the coming election.  The dems, after 4 years of burning down America, not condemning the killing of cops, open borders, out of control inflation, and everything else to promote racial violence are changing their tune.  Look what Obama says.

The Democratic Party, not Obama or Joe, is running the country with billionaires and their companies-MSM included.

If you believe any of the NEW DEMOCRATIC POLICIES, you are a fool.  If you want some reinforcements fill your vehicle with gas or shop for food.

Some Hollywood types are experiencing the joys of crimes.

It would take something like this to get the attention of the Los Angeles power structure.

Powerball is about $800,000,000.00.


Heating oil is already rationed in the Northeast, at a 30% higher price.

Stacey is as crooked as Lombard Street in San Francisco.


The Democrats don’t miss a trick.

Whitmer is a lying dictator POS.  I hope they kick her out.

Let’s see what Musk does.


The Democrats don’t care about children.  I mentioned earlier that Biden wants to neuter 5 year old children, Crist wants to cut their arms and legs off in the womb.  The dems are scary !!!!!

Hillgal looks like a bug-eyed frog.

Chicago has more DemocRATS than NYC.

Whitmer didn’t say she wouldn’t require the vaccine for children, she said she didn’t support it.  She is a master deceiver.

A Democratic Government will never pass this.  Submit it when the Republicans have a HOR majority.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

LDN 673: Dark Clouds in Aquila
Image Credit & Copyright: Frank Sackenheim, Josef Poepsel, Stefan Binnewies (Capella Observatory Team)

Explanation: Part of a dark expanse that splits the crowded plane of our Milky Way galaxy, the Aquila Rift arcs through planet Earth’s skies near bright star Altair. In eerie silhouette against the Milky Way’s faint starlight, its dusty molecular clouds likely contain raw material to form hundreds of thousands of stars and astronomers search the dark clouds for telltale signs of star birth. This telescopic close-up looks toward the region at a fragmented Aquila dark cloud complex identified as LDN 673, stretching across a field of view slightly wider than the full moon. In the scene, visible indications of energetic outflows associated with young stars include the small red tinted nebulosity RNO 109 above and right of center, and Herbig-Haro object HH32 below. These dark clouds might look scary, but they’re estimated to be some 600 light-years away. At that distance, this field of view spans about 7 light-years.

Tomorrow’s picture: a dark and spooky night