Where is the Thunberg teenager ?

Another first.


It’s the Lithium-Ion batteries.


The Voting Editor:  Is local voting a problem, LL ?

The Scam Reporter Cat:  Local voting and decisions by politicians is fraught with scams unless the Federal Government stops giving money for social issues.  Schools are a big problem.

Here is another boondoggle using U.S. Taxpayer Money.  The sanctuary states would be bankrupt without continued money from the Federal Government.  This is typical Californication stupid, insane, retarded.  It is also a local project–who is getting the kickback, bribe, payoff ?  Use the free ones they already have for just letting the supplier place ads on them.

The toilet is off the front page.  It’s too early to say cancelled, it might return as a trash can.  Liberal plans don’t die, they just change names.

Here is a local project we reported on years ago, $2,000.00 trash cans.  You can’t get people to use a trash can who defecate in the public streets.  There are internet maps that give locations of human feces.

The problem with non-citizen voting is the candidates keep moving up the ladder, and eventually you have a Pigleosi, Kamala, Newsom, or Feinstein.  Many similar buffoons wind up in Congress and approve a woman for the Supremes that can’t define woman.  Just send the ballots to South and Central America.  Illegals can deliver them as they cross the border.

This week’s Dis-Honors.

MLB moved the All Star game from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., because of voter suppression—Biden, Stacey Abrams, and MLB said it was so.  As usual, they lied.  FJB and all of them.

Too much of the policies of Biden ( flying illegals to different cities at midnight ) is carried on in darkness.

The Powerball jackpot for tonight is 1.2 BILLION.


Be a journalist, copy and paste your version of what really happened in San Fran Nan Town.  You can use some of yesterday’s links.

The man reported in the Pelosi mansion incident is an illegal alien of about 20 years.

Who is the unidentified third person ?   Where are the officer’s body cam videos ?  The truth won’t come from San Francisco, make your own.

What’s up doc ?


So long California.


This is great entertainment.

Poor Stephen, a poor Black victim.  The article is self explanatory.


Stacey is the dems Presidential Hope.

Herschel answers Obamadungbeetle.

New York City has a mass grave of 20,000 bodies under a public park.

Thanks to R.W. for this update.  Start your own company, installing charging stations in homes–where will 30 million apartment dwellers charge their EVs ?

It would have been terrible if this had hit Washington, D.C.

When your elected leaders/MSM spew hate and violence it filters down.

New York residents get what they vote for.

RIP—Jerry Lee Lewis—Great Balls Of Fire.


  1. I would like to know who the hell would try to help these people get their glued hands off the wall leave them there and they will be licking the tomato soup off the paintings

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