We need a strong Consumer Affairs Agency, but not politicized.  Congress needs to stop forfeiting its budget power to government agencies.  Congress has been lazy for 30 years.

Sex, who needs sex ?


Stacey is always on duty, as Governor of the Peach State.


The Crude Editor:  Are you writing about oil again, LL ?

The Do You Want That Smart Phone Cat:  I sure am, I can’t get away from it or China owning America.  It’s like the Tar Baby stuck to Br’er Rabbit.  Br’er is an old Southern Dialect contraction for brother.

Every Republican candidate should say, if you want to give up your iPhone, Smart Phone, Android Phone we can get rid of oil.  Oh, I almost forgot cars, cosmetics, medicine, clothes, etc.

Even rat-cameras are made from petroleum.

Oil has improved the human condition for over 100 years.  Go somewhere on a horse or wagon.  Most electricity is made from burning fossil fuels.

Oh, look.  Nancy does have a taxpayer funded security system.  This article makes it sound like the images aren’t recorded, we know that is a lie.  Show the videos, including the police body cams.  It’s beginning to look like the same people that were protecting Jeff Epstein.


Maybe this will wake up some Yorkers.  Hochul is scum.

This is great news.  Let’s see what other schemes the Pennsylvania Dems can dream up.


Chief Twit makes changes.

More Musk news.

Kari is getting prepared.


I believe the FDA lost a 34 page whistleblower’s expose of problems, for 4 months.  What a Joke on the Democrats.

Sugar Daddy ?

The Democrats are masters of disinformation, usually called lies.

Twitter news.

Do your duty Supremes.

Most people in Florida value freedom more than many states.

Hochul is more corrupt than Andy “Killer” Cuomo.

Oprah doesn’t have any Gummies.

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