This is truly bipartisanship.


Ban hammers.


The Economics Editor:  What is Capitalism, LL ?

I Like Air And Heat Cat:  Here are some short definitions of a few economic/political models.

Greta is a Progressive Socialist/Communist.

TEE:  Does The Sphinx support one or the other ?

We sure do.  We support a free people voting in fair elections deciding their own systems.  The people have the most important input because government is their creation.  Their rights are more important than the governments involved.  As long as the businesses are made to operate as clean as possible and honestly as possible, that is all you can ask.

The Chinese and Indian governments won’t participate in the Green World System.  The rich/politicians won’t give up their private jets and luxuries.  That leaves you and Greta.

Teachers and politicians are your employees, make them behave or kick them out.

America is on the wrong path/highway.

Vote.  The only reason votes will take longer than one night to count is corruption.


Flags speak.

The poor Left/dem cry babies.

We know sanctuary states/cities are death traps, but the people keep the liberal-dems in office.

This isn’t new.  If you look at the politicians that scream and yell the most, they are the ones who need their actions checked. Check for embezzlement of campaign donations & using relatives as consultants.  Lobby donations are another story.

The Sphinx has stopped listing some sites because crimes, corruption, etc. isn’t news anymore.  They are every day policies available in the news links we do list.  NYC and Chicago crimes are two examples.

The only campaign issue the MEDIA and dems have had for 6 years is hate for Trump. They hate him because he isn’t a corrupt DC SWAMPER.  DeSantis and Tucker Carlson are next in line.  Elon Musk is fourth, for trying to make Twitter an honest social media.

The next racist is Joy-less Reid.

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