Facebook is fined millions for interfering in elections.

Austin said that he would miss Woke and BLM the most when China takes over.


Progressives, don’t kid yourself, DEMOCRATS will just have to ignore mean Tweets.  Trump has 2 years worth saved up.


The Crayola Editor:  What’s up with Pink, LL ?

The Commie Cat:  An outside restaurant in the number two-rat infested city in America was removed.

At one time pink symbolized a male child.  Cultures change.  Now the Wokers say a penis is feminine, and ovaries/breasts are masculine.  The wokers worried that people who identify as XX-XY have serious mental issues.

This Pinky had a TV show.

Ninety-nine percent of the SO’s sexual concern is their own self-worth.  Work it out, leave the children alone.  Here are more pink things.

Russia withdraws many troops.


The Red Wave was a trickle.  DeSantis, Trump, and Kemp need to make homes in Georgia for a few weeks.  Get the Republicans out for the runoff.


The crooked feds want to take over voting.  Florida tells them to go monitor Pennsylvania and Arizona.

More election fraud.  Paper is the only safe ballot.


The FDA under Biden and the dems is short of everything except sex change chemicals for children.


The dems are probably saving money to pay personal debts like a Democrat want-to-be Governor of Georgia.


Musk has learned how the dems operate.

Every day, rain or shine.  You are paying for their room, board, education, health, and crimes.  One conked  Paul Pelosi on the head.

Too much time on my paws.  The border between Montana and Idaho looks like Biden’s profile.  That’s better than being on Mt. Rushmore.

Biden trips over an American Flag, and continues the lie about guns needed to kill deer.  They are for protection from killers and the government.

The ghost of Rush Limbaugh.

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