Today is Veterans Day.  Here is a little history.

You can thank veterans for your freedom.


Congress needs to revise The District of Columbus’ charter.

Biden says the fired workers can work for the FBI.


Poor Joe, FJB, the dems, and media.


AOC just missed our Capitalism issue.  A Commie Capitalist.

DeSantis is part of the future of the Republicans.

Do it Donald.


This is why you can’t believe politicians.  Joe left the higher priced gas states out of the equation.  They did the same thing on crime for the year, several high crime states statistics were left out of the FBI totals.

This is unusual, a well written article.  Patrick is a journalist.


Twitter is busier than it was before Musk’s purchase.

We know the NYT sux.

What a driver.

These officers are arrogant and abused their authority.  They should be suspended without pay for a month and made to clean the guy’s house, yard, and do his shopping for that month.

Brittney made a bad decision taking drugs into Russia.

So long Stacey.  You received enough campaign contributions to retire.

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