Free AOC, Free AOC, of the Big Booty.

A Jackie Kennedy book.


The Astros are champs.


The Mascot Editor:  What are your mascots, LL ?

The Ferocious Cat:  The first is Mike The Tiger, at Louisiana State University ( LSU ).  You can visit him, electronically, just like Nancy’s dems vote.  There is no need to show up.

The second is UGA X at the University of Georgia.  The breed has congenital problems from past inbreeding, similar to Democrats.  They both need some new genes.

The most famous UGA was the one who tried to bite an Auburn player.

This isn’t a mascot, but violence can’t be ignored.  The Italian sausage was assaulted.

The Rhode Island School of Design’s mascot is hard to beat.

Will the Republicans win the HOR or crash ?

He might finish the border wall in 6 months.


I forgot, MCConnell also gave 5 million to Murkowski in Alaska.  A RINO, like Cheney.

The dems are busy in Georgia.

DeSantis, Trump, McConnell, and Kemp should empty their campaign accounts in Georgia, get the votes out.


Good news from one of the great child abuser sex change supporters.

America should get on the climate train when China and India sign on.  Tell the world and United Nations ( UN ) to shut up.

We will see.

Competent employees/people are hard to find.

The dems want your children.  New York residents don’t care about their children.  Kochul looks like the Pied Piper, in the fairy tale.

I hope this is Pocahontas’ last term.  She has accumulated enough wampum.

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