Some are losers.


You can watch old Stacey ads for a small fee, service charge, and unstock add-on.


The  Make Believe Editor:  Is the Three Bears a fable, LL ?

The Goldilocks Cat:  No, it’s a fairy tale.  Here is some background.

Goldilocks seems to be a cautionary tale about making good decisions.  The Tyson VP could learn from Goldi, and the home owner could lock her door or wake up dead one fine day.

Alec Baldwin was the director of the movie where he accidentally shot one employee and killed another.  It is his fault, live ammo should never have been permitted on the property.

The many sex partners, it’s not anything new.

The elections could have been better, keep the faith.

Joe, Garland, and the dems who agree are slimy crooks.  This is a political act for the new HOR saying they were investigating Hunter and the DOJ.

I wish Karma would take Joe today, naturally of course.


I guess Bud never heard of no alcohol in Islamic countries.  They want people sober when they chop off their head.


The Sphinx will do like Ron, wait a while.  We have 2 years of hate from the media.


I would give my orange spots if I could handle politicians this way.

Maybe they should skip supporting the Herschel Senate race.  Too many are SWAMPERS.  These jokers are ignoring evidence that they already possess.


Did the Bills make the game ?


This crapola should be shelved until the next Congress begins.

Do like Florida, but add a provision to charge any school employee with a felony for discussing the trash.

Sometimes Karma works.

Mitch is a rich SWAMPER.  He should have been replaced.



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