You can get an abortion at 9 months in the Golden State.

Don’t get banned.


I hope the new Senate has a dress code.

I hope Disney goes lower.


The Round Editor:  Where did the wheel come from, LL ?

The Dizzy Cat:  Here is a little history.  If it moves there is a wheel somewhere.

While ancient people who believed in freedom were inventing the wheel,  the Democrat monkey-men recorded a complete sentence, on an Ivory comb.  It showed that trade was also happening, since elephant tusks weren’t native to the area.

These murders are more suspicious than Paul Pelosi’s home invader.  Four people were stabbed to death, the door was usually unlocked, and two other people at home during the murders were unaware of the slayings.  Something screwy is going on.

The property looks like a dirty-trash littered party house.  The drugs & liquor will probably come out later.

Another weird thing was a call to 911 about an unconscious person.  There was so much blood in the house that it was leaking through the wall onto the outside foundation.


They don’t prosecute the law breakers. Do you remember Hillary’s 30,000 emails?


New Dis-Honors.

Republicans need to recruit more Blacks and Latinos—NOW.

Poor Communist Broadcast System ( CBS ).  Go PUAR.


The Republicans should get started on many of these issues.

The dems and Joe still want to sterilize your children.  Vote for them again.

The feds are no fun.

Young New Yorkers should move, anywhere but a sanctuary city.

Jeopardy is a WOKE TV show that shows TAPED episodes that have wrong facts.  I guess they want the attention.  The new people SUCK.

This is funny.

Trump has been nice.

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