This is funny.

China owns Biden and Congress.

The Bee.


Scummy Bill is what happens when criminals aren’t punished. They keep committing crimes–like the criminals with no bails.

This is late, but very revealing.


The USA Editor:  What is your initial comment on America First, LL ?

The Perfectly Clear Cat:  I want to be clear about this, America First is my hill to die on.  My first two people who I hope die a natural death are you know who.  They are enemies of freedom.  Eighty years old is a good run on the taxpayer dollar.  They wouldn’t know the truth if you hit them in the head with it.

Insider Information stock trading should be enough to put them away until they die.

The separate judicial system is another reason to wish them a speedy dirt nap.

Lithium-Ion batteries are first in fires.  The NYC fire department reports almost 200 fires caused by them in electric scooters and bikes.

Speaking of fires, where did BLM/Antifa go ?

Democrats are eating babies for Thanksgiving.


A repeat.


The Colorado killer’s beating wasn’t severe enough.


John is the man from Pennsylvania.

The Colorado shooter identifies as a sexual-other ” SO “.  The dems must slam the Republicans all the time.


The Idaho Diary.

The Colorado Diary.

The Secret Service agents have been drunk for 30 years.  The victim is lucky she wasn’t killed.



Wear protection in unknown places.

Now you know what a PIT maneuver is.

McCarthy is making progress.

I quit caring what happens in sanctuary cities/states, the people vote for it.  Big Member Lori has personal problems.

Good news from Disney-the child abuse kingdom.

This is why.

There is no honor among thieves.

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