This is so SWEET!



Don’t let these fellow Americans wind up in a gutter in San Fran, Chitown, or little apple.

One thing I learned from the eighties is that inflation is a killer, and all poor people in the world are here now, so you don’t need to send money.


The second best scam of 2022.


The Excellent Editor:  What does best mean, LL ?

The Best Today Reporter Cat:  Webster gives this definition.

Usually ” best ” refers to something of excellence at the time mentioned.  This is the best ending of a football game.  Things just happen.

Personally, I don’t think things should be considered the best of all time.  Rules and situations change.

ALL governments should be treated as Rattlesnakes or Black Widow Spiders.  Monopolies should be destroyed.

We need Bond, James Bond.

Qatari officials, at the World Cup Soccer Games, seize and trample the flag from one of Brazil’s states.  They mistook it for a Sexual Other ” SO ” flag.

The rich sometimes make bad decisions.


Musk has Tee Shirts as going away presents for fired wokers.

Martha’s Vineyard has a bank robbery.


The Navy makes some personnel changes.

The Murdaugh Diary returns.


Kemp seems to be helping Herschel.

Online romances are a crap shoot.

Draining the swamp isn’t easy.

Winston looks good-like a bulldog should.