This is one reason The Sphinx doesn’t recommend wall-to-wall carpet.  You can never clean it.


Raphael is no Angel.


The Rhythm Editor:  What’s going on in music, LL ?

The Beat Cat:  Every creature on Earth reacts to music or vibrations.  You would think that rats moving their heads was a great discovery.

Look at these creatures.

Hillgal forgot her Kente Cloth.

Big Booty AOC has the rhythm.


Joey loses a drag queen.  They can get a job teaching children.

Joey lied about the RR deal, until the midterms were over.


A Hawaiian volcano erupts.  I hope Senator Maize is safe.


Musk is stirring up so much hate, he might replace Trump as a front runner.  Release the decision Twitter officers made to censor the Hunter Files.

He could make his own phone.

Musk defends free speech, and makes it fun again.

I know Fauci and the Dems lied about Wuhan, and many treatments that were effective.

Fired Twitter employees might find it difficult to get new jobs, CNN & MSNBC are at full employment.  Maybe Disney, if you have child exploitation experience.

Who knew ?  There is a Black Twitter.

Who makes the schedule for unimportant people getting time in the press ?  Jane Fonda, Vindman, Howard Stern, Robert De Niro, anyone on The View, Joyless Reid, and many more.  There must be a scrap heap or junk yard where these POS are recycled.

Turn in your Tesla.

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