The three city blocks include the BLM graffiti scarred D.C. streets.

Sue them all.


It’s true.

The politicians and nonprofits should be forced to place the money in a trust for victims.


The Greenback Editor:  What is cryptocurrency, LL ?

I Use Mice & Lizards Cat:  It is complicated and involves nothing of value, just like the U.S. Dollar.

Here is a little information on cryptocurrency.  Keep in mind this involves billions of dollars while America’s debt is 31 trillion-that is 31 thousand billion.

This looks like it is Nancy Pigleosi-legal.

As the world turns.

The Feds want to track and control your every move.  Some businesses are already doing it–not honoring your credit cards at gun dealers.

Pete asks for forgiveness, he didn’t use the N word or sexually assault anyone.  MLB is without fault—I saw them take the All Star Game out of Atlanta based on lies from Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden, two POS among many.

The Army will wear retro-uniforms for the Navy game.


Twitter is free.


The Chinese people are still fighting for freedom.


What is going on here ?   Where are Miley Cyrus, Katie Hill, and the U.S. men’s soccer team ?  We should have had a sexual scandal involving Pop Rocks by now.

You could explain Biden’s mental problems in the time it takes to be a Pop Rocks expert, but now you know.

The Qatari ( thaub ) robes look like Democrats, without the pointy hat, to me.


I wonder how small business owners and their families voted ?

It appears that they didn’t vote or voted Democratic.

The average Chinese is tired of Xi Jinping and being a slave to Apple & Nike.

If you are a temporary or independent worker ( GIG ) I hope you didn’t vote Democratic.  Joey wasn’t going to tax low income workers.

Portland residents voted for no laws, justice, or freedom.  They get what they asked for,  what they want.

Sometimes you don’t know which side to support.

Is this a sign ?


    • Hi Julian…Oh yes, Lois Lion is always on missions “All Over The World” in search of the truth for publication in The Sphinx. She always puts each of her 9 lives on a different airplane. She knows it is risky when one prints the truth…but you would know that, right?

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