Musk might catch more flak than Trump or DeSantis.


Just pick the best 3 of 5 and ignore the others.


The Space Editor:  Is this about going to the moon, LL ?

Radio City Cat:   No, it’s about the dancers known as The Rockettes.  You can become one if you meet their standards.

If you can’t kick don’t bother going to an audition.

If the Republicans have a plan, maybe they can kick some Democrats.  Why isn’t failing to enforce the law a major crime ?

A sad story of deliberate SNAFU’s.

Forget about politics for a while.

Anyone who has read real news the last 7 years knows the MSM and Social Media censored news that would have driven Biden out of the race.


Joey, Stacey, and MLB lied about voter suppression in Georgia, USA.


Tulsi has this right.  I would include teachers and members of the American Medical Association that support child sex mutilation as criminals.

Balenciaga did their advertising deliberately, it’s just pushing the “SO” culture.  Joey Biden is on board with the mutilations.

DeSantis is doing his part.


I didn’t recognize Kim without her photo-shopped butt.

What took so long ?

Don Leemonne is back in the news.

There must be some honest politicians in NYC.

Maybe the tide is turning.

Maybe Musk will release the transcripts of Twitter’s censorship, and their role in electing Joey.

Pompeo knows how dangerous Randi and her union are.

DeSantis stands up for America, again.

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