Take that you Limeys.  The “SO”  uniform patch energized the yanks.


Good help is hard to find.


The Beware Editor:  Why should our loyal readers be careful, LL ?

The Lookout, Lookout, Cat:  There is so much danger around, I don’t know where to start.  Beware of Democrats.  Here is a surprise–Bambi turns into a stone-cold killer.

These roads are dangerous.  The danger can be mitigated with careful driving.  Amigo won’t let me drive anymore.

Here are some airports to avoid.

Anyone living in a sanctuary location should carry a gun, especially women who run/exercise or are alone when shopping.  The main purpose of any government is protection.  In America, the politicians and rich protect themselves.  The pols use tax dollars.

Without the sanctuary city politicians protecting Americans, maybe the robots will-Robinson.  Going anywhere is a danger.

The RR seems to have gotten a good deal.


Go to the NYT or Amazon.


Blame the affair on Trump, he has been the blame for everything on ABC for years.


These people would make good American citizens, once they pass the test.

A super power makes its own essential products.  America can’t fill its military quotas.

Good news.

What a couple.

The Washington Post ( Amazon-Bezos ) has found the link between Trump and Musk—diet colas.  They left out Obama.

Why do colas cost more than beer ?  They are just artificial flavor, coloring and sugar.

This is for our serious political junkies.

Trump was a fool.  Who is in charge at Mar-a-Lago ?  It looks/sounds like an Abbott and Costello video.

Everything has side effects.

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—DANGER

    • You have no reason to hide your bank accounts..the Democrats consider you their modern day Jesus. You will be hid better than Jimmy Hoffa. Have no fear, Oh Sloppy Golden Boy. Fedderman is saving the clothes that he outgrows for you. So continue on as you have in the past…waste no money on new clothes, steal as much as possible, continue investing in expensive homes, and by all means: Send even more money to President Zelensky. He needs the money so he can continue boomeranging it back to Hunter and Joe Biden. The world may be crashing around him…but he simply must keep the checks coming from Burisma to The Biden Boys. Now Sweet Cheeks, you get on back to Polyamoring.

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