Musk knows brainwashing.

Progress is Musk’s most important product.  It’s an old GE ad.


Get rich.


The I Think For Myself Editor:  What is brainwashing, LL ?

Me To Cat:  Ever since Gutenberg invented the Printing Press ( with moveable type ) people/organizations with money/power have tried to brainwash readers.  The Catholic Church was in charge of most of Europe at the time.

This is an actual video from my archives.  The Church didn’t mess around.

Here is an almost historically accurate lithograph of Gutenberg printing his first Bible.×475.jpg

The “SO” culture with the MSM is brainwashing children in schools and society with their never ending efforts to convert children. The Islamic countries tell them no and to shut up.

I won’t support the American soccer team because of their political LGTSQAI + Crest.  Are they playing for a sex group or America ?

Here is a brainwashing movie.

This is obscene.  It is experimental.


The Loudoun County Public Schools were corrupt in every way possible while trying to protect a trans-student from punishment.  Those in the loop should be indicted.


This bill gives us more monopolies at the expense of our freedom.  Dung Beetle Mitch McConnell agrees with Pigleosi, Schumer and Murkowski.


The American government needs a complete overhaul.


The Woke Captains were busy putting on lipstick.

Jonathan is older than most members of Congress/Presidency.  He is for sure, smarter.

DeSantis has a point.

The Republican HOR can’t fix the Federal Government, but they can impeach thieves-crooks-liars.

I hope every lawyer in DC has new clients, and every MD/school/medical facility involved in gender surgery needs one.

You never know.

Hunter’s whistleblower should get a million dollar reward from Hunter, Joey, or the old Twitter Officers.

Maybe a new Committee Chair will help, maybe about half of American voters approve of Joey’s policy.  I do know Mitch needs to be replaced as Senate Republican leader.  Maybe Karma will visit.

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