What a sale, gas is $2.20 per gallon.


This is why elections ( the future ) are hard to predict.  If it was easy, millionaires wouldn’t be making ads.


The All Shook Up Editor:  What are your love stories about, LL ?

The Fuzzy Tree Cat:  These are love stories from ads and social media.  The Polaroids are a peek into the past.

These are James and Mariette.

The coffee ads were more serious.

It now looks like love is in the air on Twitter.  Hate speech is out and love is in, for Christmas.

Musk might pay her $8.00 Twitter fee.

Cotton is trying.


Average citizens don’t have taxpayer funded security personnel like politicians have.


These two women are the type of person needed to be Speaker of the House.  Nancy can retire to obscurity.  Can you name any Speaker from 20 years ago ?

Boebert is great.

Montana and North Dakota are interested in having the Canadian provinces of Alberta, and Saskatchewan join them as additions to their states.  They might accept British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territory, Newfoundland,  even Quebec will be welcome once the French speakers are sent to Paris or Havana.

Watch for my special on Justin Trudeau being the love child of Fidel Castro.

Spam’s Figgy Pudding sells out.

We know this, but the Media doesn’t care—which means the average American is ignorant of the facts.

So long Yoel, you have reached your station in life.

Warnock wins Georgia Senate race.

The HOR Republicans must play hardball.

Big cats will get protection.


  1. I knew Elon and Alex would fall in love. They are Twitter Love Birds. She will retire from politics and have his baby.

    • Yes indeed. Their LOVE was evident when Elon promised to finance the Bronzing of her favorite pair of sneakers.

  2. Want be long until she reforms into a juicy Republican and closes down the border.
    I can hardly wait. Shake shake shake!

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