Food For Thought

Survival Tip:  If you get lost in the woods, start talking about politics and someone will show up to argue with you.

We don’t let athletes bet on games – they have the ability to influence.  Why do we allow Congress to invest in companies they regulate?

Why is it that when archeologists find human remains, they always determine that they are either male or female and none of the other hundreds of genders?

Why is it that so many are more outraged that Brittney Griner was stuck in Russia (after breaking their drug laws) than they were about Americans being stranded in Afghanistan?

How is it that the government can’t control gasoline prices…but the weather is something they can fix?

We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expectations of what it means to go to work.—Mike Rowe

If kids knew what they wanted to be at age eight, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses.  I wanted to be a pirate.  Thank goodness nobody took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery—Bill Maher.

Why were we told to lower our AC usage on hot days to prevent overwhelming the electric grid while simultaneously being told to trade in our gas cars for electric vehicles?

 Why is canceling student debt a good idea?  Does it make sense to reward people who do not honor their financial commitment by taxing the people who do?

Does it make sense to cut off oil from an ally and buy it from an enemy who calls for your death?

Are we living in a time where intelligent people are silenced so that stupid people won’t be offended?

Is this a great description of America:  Andy has left town and Barney is in charge?

Why is talking sexually in the workplace considered sexual harassment to adults…but talking about sexuality to children K-3 at school considered education?

Who else had a “ministry of truth”…Hitler…Goebbels…Stalin.

Eliminating the production of 500,000 American barrels of oil a day to buy 500,000 barrels a day from Russia is simply…well…stupid.

I saw a movie where only the police and military had guns; it was called Schindler’s List.

If your electric car runs out of power on the interstate, do you walk to a charging station to get a bucket of electricity?

Why are we running out of money for Social Security and Medicare and not for welfare, illegals and free college?

I just got a full tank of gas for $22.  Granted, it was for my lawn mower, but I’m trying to stay positive.

There is a coin shortage.  America is officially out of common sense.

If an 18 year old isn’t mature enough to own a firearm, then maybe five year olds aren’t mature enough to change their gender.


Nobody called it “Toxic Masculinity” when we were saving the world.

Mice die in mouse traps because they do not understand why the cheese is free.  Just like socialism.

The most powerful governments on earth can’t stop a virus from spreading…but they say they can change the earth’s temperature if you pay more taxes.

3 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. Sheila I think you should run for President, this article convinced me that you are the person we need to get things in order. We well know that you would be tarred and feathered in a few weeks. Come to think of it, let some one else have that job. That is why we are in this shape.

  2. Sheila, if you ran for President of them US, I would vote for you. (At least three times under three names two of them living in the Grave Yard.) LOL LOL

    • I would appoint you as my Captain of Voting, Fred…..that is the only way we will ever get these crooked Dems out of office is to Out-Cheat them.

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