Gretchen is a good commie choice.


It’s free.


The Rear Window Editor:  Who is looking back, LL ?

The I Don’t Believe Scientist Cat:  Some scientists are afraid a virus from the age of dinosaurs, that has been frozen for 90 million years, will emerge from frozen ground.

The Democrats, meteorologists, and virus researchers have conditioned me to disbelieve anything they report.  One thing that might return is the Blob.  It was frozen and dropped at the North Pole.

There you go.  Fauci might have to come out of retirement.

The parachute dropping reminds me of Obama dropping pallets of cash to the Islamist Terrorist.

The hate America crowd should be sent here for a year.

This is bizarre, sometimes just be quiet, or STFU.

Satchel Paige said,  ” Don’t look back, someone might be gaining on you “.

A fisherman yells, ” Don’t look back “.

The Democrats are succeeding in destroying America’s armed forces.

Brittney returns to her new Motherland.


The ATF wants to destroy evidence of the Fast & Furious illegal arms disaster approved by the ATF, Obama, and Obama’s Attorney General-Eric Holder.


China gets some favored treatment.  JCPA has been temporarily slowed down.


Three strikes—you’re out.

This killer is just out.   Maybe he is in Joey’s Cabinet.   Musk and DeSantis should be careful.

James Baker is a political leech.

You never know !!!

This video is graphic, not for the squeamish.  I only show it to help get pit bull dogs banned, state by state.

More law breaking from before Musk Twitter.

DeSantis isn’t playing their game.  He would only get lies in response.

You never know.

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