What a wonderful Christmas decoration.

The Dutch are giving farm owners the boot.  I guess where ever the replacement food is grown will be “greener”.


A word of caution to our women readers, moderation is the key.  Don’t act like you are attending a Democrat Caucus Meeting.


The End of 2022 Editor:  I’m glad 2022 is ending, do you have any thoughts, LL ?

The Ambivalent Cat:  I like the first paragraph of ” A Tale Of Two Cities “.   Readers have their own opinions of the year.

Merriam-Webster has a new word of the year.

Here is the origin of Gaslighting.  Our new readers might like to know that MST looks like Ingrid Bergman.

We have had seven years of lies and Gaslighting.  Maybe 2023 will be better.  Here is another item of interest.

Is this a sample of our current word ?  Will Bezos, who owns The Post and Amazon be eating some tasty Stink Bugs ?

This will be great–Cream of Mushroom soup and meal worms, M’m ! M’m !  Good.

I hope it won’t be racist when the city people have only cockroaches to eat.

Amigo said he was getting his protein from the worm in Tequila.


The Murdaugh Diary.  It looks like the trial has started.

Joey has no conscious.

Sue the Board of Directors and office holders.  They are responsible for people dying.


I don’t see any Grand Jury investigation, over 10 people were involved.

The Butterfly Diary.

More info on how the New York Slime distorts the truth.

I have to stop linking the hate America sites.

Poor Stacey.  She can go to California and be Governor.

Joey’s nuclear appointee has a second suitcase theft.  Maybe he can’t find the right size pumps.

Joey loses again.

Deep in the ocean, there are creatures stranger than in the District of Columbus.

A RedState briefing.

A once great hospital has personnel problems.

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