Anything goes.

Trump has carried the network for 7 years, that’s enough.  Now Joey and Hunter must do the heavy lifting.


Get your cat one today.


The Shook Up Editor:  What is shocking, LL ?

The Energy Cat:  We always explain to our loyal readers that electricity can be your friend, or not.  This pageant contestant was pretty much a victim of a faulty microphone.

Our loyal readers should always be cautious around electricity.  Act like it’s a Tarantula or a Democrat.  Here is a picture of Blackie, she touched Amigo’s fence while he was preparing for Halloween.

Here is a woman from North Korea, a Ms  Re-tard-o, testing her pet’s collar.  Every member of Congress should have one.

Electricity is like a pit bull-he was a good dog until he wasn’t.  If we can save just 1 America First person our electricity education is a success.

Not all shocking is electrical.,vid:SjbPi00k_ME

Maybe he will spend a few years in prison.  Several more were involved.

Here is another lying crook.


The Florida Surgeon General releases more health problems hidden by the CDC, Joey, and media.

The American Girl Company which makes dolls and other things wants your child to be a gender-blender like Sam Brinton.


The NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL should shut up about WOKE or make half of their teams women, real women-not the gender-blenders.  They can be dopers if they stay out of Russia.

Oh Look, the rich creeps didn’t investigate the products they endorsed.

Michelle my belle is a pinko-commie.

NASA brings Orion back to Earth, maybe the dem voters will be next.

Thanks to MS V, in the Great Northwest.

El Palomo saves friend.

13 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—IT’S SHOCKING

    • Wrong Jill…Older people with memory issues need to stay home…except your senile husband…he should BE INCARCERATED with Hunter IN THE BIG HOUSE.

    • Your husband cannot be too hard to locate, Gisele. Check Walmart’s. His Mommy probably took him to purchase a new hoodie.

    • C’mon Lassie. Timmy was always trapped under that same tractor. He turned 72 in March. You may need to go drag him home again.

    • You are quite the fool…Hillary. Slick Willy does not travel by car, he only uses private planes. He was last seen in England watching porno flicks with Prince Andrew. They both actually think they look good in the films.

    • The border is easy to find. Go to El Paso and hang a left. Keep walking until you hear 10,000 illegal feet splashing across the Rio Grande. They will be wearing “Thank You Joe Biden” t-shirts. Both of you will swell with pride, I am sure. Bring Hunter with you…he can do a Blow-Art picture of Daddy’s History in-the-making.

    • Listen up….little Arkansas baby…your Mama is a Stripper and your Daddy & Grandpa are Big-Time crooks. You need to keep your little bastard self on the down low. They may send you over the border in the other direction and you are too pale to make a Legal Illegal entry. Your Grandpa cannot even find his ear when his Instructional Earpiece falls out…so we are sure he cannot find his watch.

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