You need genes to think this through.  It’s true.

This is a colluding zone.


The first volunteers get a brain-adapter that enables you to charge your car and brain at the same time.


The Science Editor:  Are you knowledgeable about genetics, LL ?

The I Believe My Own Eyes Cat:  Like Judge Jackson on The Supreme Court, I am not a medical doctor, geneticist, or DNA expert, but some things are self-evident–like all men are created equal.  Men in this statement refers to the race of man.  Don’t write me with any liberal BS.

Justin Trudeau should take a DNA test and we will compare it with one of Fidel Castro’s other children, Nancy Pigelosi.

I also have difficulty believing that Ronan Farrow is the son of Woody Allen.–345792077615839399/

I’m not certain that Harry isn’t Woody Allen’s son and Meghan isn’t the love child of Fidel.

You never know for sure about genetics.

The Chinese got their share.  I would say 20 Billion.


Will Joey let the National Archives publish this ?  My cat guess is no.


Indict the Antifa/BLM/Democrat/ “SO”.

James is one creepy Democrat.

She is a good cat.  The woke, “SO”, pronoun feces is just that.  Don’t finance schools that teach it.


Ford Electric F-150 wins 2023 truck of the year.–sett.html

The dems and media don’t care–they are partners in the crimes.


Jack Dorsey knowingly let Twitter censor the Hunter Biden Computer rat’s nest expose, as did the other media officers.  They got Joey elected.  They should be tried under the RICO laws.  Most of Jack’s officers were involved, they are WOKERS.  Jack is full of woker/dem crap.

Everyone in this trailer will be more poor and less educated than their parents.  Is AOC having Elon’s baby ?

Hopefully, this is my last report on Joey, except when he dies or is removed from office.

The Republican HOR should ban any school with these types of guidelines from receiving any taxpayer money.  You can rub the bull or lose the next election.  You weren’t elected to work with the Democrats on anything.

This teacher/coach can work for Disney or run for Congress.

Parents should be marching at these child molesters homes every night.  Just like Supreme Court Justices.

Too many young people are having heart attacks.  Did he have COVID vaccinations ?

Wait until the real facts come out.  Sam Bankman-Fried has the life expectancy of a fruit fly.

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