We have another drug manufacturer promoting sexual films for children.  They are drumming up business.

I hope he has the best security.


The Sphinx doesn’t accept advertising, but if we did we would mention Biloxi Shrimp.

Google how Asian Shrimp are grown.


The Geography Editor:  What is your confusing country about, LL ?

The Windmill Cat:  I was confused in the World Cup Games.  The USA was playing The Netherlands, and I became confused about Holland and the Netherlands.

You could fit 16 Netherlands in Texas, about 38 in Alaska.

Holland had its own bubble, like our recent Dot Com Bubble and Real Estate Bubble.  The Crypto Coin Bubble is next.

Maybe the Democrats-Radical Liberal-Left Wing-BLM-Antifa-” SO “Dung Beetles will have a bubble burst.


Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish readers.


This looks like a Republican, Democrat, “SO”, BLM-Antifa, Liberal, Sanctuary, Polyamorous Christmas Party.  Was Katie Hill there ?


Here is Elon Musk referencing Jack Dorsey before he is fully dressed.×480.jpg

There isn’t much more to add about the old Twitter.  It was corrupt from top to bottom.  Joey is illegitimate & illegal.  The commies will never be prosecuted.  The other media are also lying immoral snakes.

Musk might move Twitter to a free state.

If you couldn’t do it on the floor, half of the actresses/actors/producers in Hollywood would be out of work.

I stopped caring about superman when they took ” American Way ” out of what he fought for.

It’s lies.

Georgia locks up Antifa terrorist.

Adios, Adios.

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