Plants sing better that this.


CNN and MSNBC will have plants as news hosts in 2023.


The Plantae Editor:  Do plants communicate, LL ?

The Catnip Cat:  They sure do.  Here is one study.

They are more sensitive and communicative than GMA hosts.

One more.

Give everyone a house plant.


At first I thought Trump was going crazy, but after 7 years of constant media lies he needs to have some fun.


Will Sam Bankman-Fried get a trial or the Epstein treatment ?

Sam’s dad should get 10 percent like Joey got from Hunter’s bribes/influence peddling.

New Orleans has a crime problem with their Democratic mayor.


The Idaho Diary.

Joey and the Democrats get my blame for all Fentanyl incidents (  the open border ).

Netflix should lay off Obama, Moochelle, and any other demosnakes.


The Republican HOR should withhold money from colleges that stifle free speech,  just do it.  You are getting bad press regardless.

The crypto titans are dying early.

Kristi Noem has the right idea.  The committee needs to be America First Citizens.

Republicans should file so many lawsuits that the dems will have to use lawyers in prison, like Avenatti.

I thought you had to be born in Beijing or Havana to work for Joey.  They still have 2,000 illegal guns in Mexico from Obama’s Fast and Furious illegal gun scam.

Way to go Joe, you and the dems are a good team for America Last.

Jemele is a best seller.


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