That is a baby.


Now you know.


The Union Member Editor:  Do you know why most labor unions support the Demdungbeetles, LL ?

You Might Perform A Service For Me Cat:  I sure do. The dems give supporting unions tax money taken from the Children with COVID Fund.  The Mafia probably needed another casino in Las Vegas.

Here is how it works.  This is actual video of providing a service.  It works well because the lawmakers make the laws that govern themselves—see Nancy Pigleosi and insider-stock-market manipulation.

This is good news.  Maybe this will mean less taxpayer money going to the teacher’s union funds when they run out of money due to fraud: Joey getting his 10 percent,  the mob’s cut, too many contributions going to the Democratic Party, etc.

More states are taking their money out of WOKE ASSET Manager Companies.  BlackRock CEO is a Fink, and should resign.  They are the Disney of the financial world.

Bezos ( Amazon ) owns this POS.  Like most media the top owner can support the money losers.

It takes a lot of money to keep politicians in office.


White America should sign a ” Quitclaim Deed ” and give America back to the Native Americans.


Check your local weather.

The Idaho Diary.


Rona McDaniel the chair of the RNC is as crooked as they come, kick her out or lose more seats in Congress.

Look at the expenditures her office made.  No wonder she won’t leave, she promised the past term was her last.


The DOJ won’t investigate this, the government is involved.


People involved in these cover-ups should be brought before the Republican HOR.  That is all that will happen as long as Joey and the dems control the Executive Branch.

I like this.

The Republican HOR has to prevent the feds ( U.S. Taxpayers ) from paying social plans of the states.  Let them go bankrupt.

Thirty-six Billion to a private bankrupt pension plan of the Teamsters.


Thanks to RW.  Oregon is a BIG SANCTUARY/LIBERAL-RAT HOLE/DEMOCRATIC CESSPOOL state.  They keep electing the America Last governments.

Do these places have gender identification problems ?

The HOR needs this.  For information only.

Drive-Thru windows should be closed and locked when a threat is made, then call the cops.  If this car isn’t on security cameras KFC is negligent.  For goodness sake it isn’t Pelosi’s house.

Maybe threats should be handled immediately.

Sodas are worse for you than alcohol, just drink water.

Keep those seat belts on.


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