Maybe there are enough to last until the New Year.


Will Liz Cheney go back to obscurity ?


The Midwest Editor:  What is the first city in your new series, LL ?

The Fort Detroit Cat:  It was once Fort Detroit.  The French founded the city.  Two names stick out Cadillac and Pontchartrain ( which is now a lake near New Orleans ).

Once known as The Motor City, before American manufacturers became complacent, it was also the birthplace of Motown Records.

Some Motown artists.

Currently, Detroit is a declining city.  It needs industry to provide jobs. Too many are sent to other countries by the Federal Government and major businesses.  They save a few bucks.

Detroit is the first major city to support the United Nations and Democratic voters goal of abolishing meat from our diet. Popeye’s of Detroit, will eliminate beef, chickens, and dairy products. They will make insects the meal of choice–except for politicians and the rich.

Once Fauci & Pfizer engineer giant cockroaches for humans to eat, this is the future.

This is one of the great music TV shows.


Prepare you and your pets for freezing weather in North America and Europe.


Every department in the Federal Government needs to be cleansed.  The media also needs to be given new FCC regulations.


Give this membership to most politicians and they would retire.

Joey gets photoshopped.


In Uganda a young boy was saved from a Planned Parenthood Hippo, when Right To Life locals pelted the Democratic Hippo with stones.


Ninety percent of journalist in the MSM are lying Dung Beetles.  Musk is right.


Jill is as senile as Joey.

This is another case that could have been prevented with current laws.

So long Kiz.  You and Liz Cheney need to start a new party.  Kiz & Liz will take care of your biz.

Obama has given nothing to his country, he’s a taker/stealer.

Al and O go together, like pizza and beer.

Musk joins Trump, DeSantis, and Tucker on the MSM destroy list.

Olbermann looks like a wino-hobo.

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