Being a Democrat should have been enough to try him for treason.


Joey has big dreams.


The Can’t See Editor:  What are dreams and wishes, LL ?

The Sleepy Cat:  It is confusing for a cat, but here are some ideas.

Dreams and other things occurring while you sleep.

Here is an example that our loyal, attentive readers can study.  A young California girl wrote to her local authorities asking  two questions: Could she have permission to keep a unicorn? Are there any honest politicians in California who enforced the law?

The agency replied that she had permission to keep any Unicorn, but an honest California politician did not exist.  Here is her story.  Maybe she will write laws for future Republicans, since she can be concise and informative in few words.

TCSE:  That is a wonderful story, TSC.  Majorie Taylor Greene didn’t have a pendant to send Madeline, but did send a collar if she found any politician poking around the insider-trading-stock purchase office.

The political letter was lost before publication.


Kevin must have rubbed the bull.  It is a great start.

Don’t try to fly this weekend.  Bring those pets in.

Is this truck driver licensed ?   We went several months with no reported SNAFUs.

The driver was Joey trying to sneak the Democratic Party, FBI, CIA, collusion past the Musk Twitter release.  Kevin should be working on impeachment charges, as we watch the crash.


The New York Times hates Jews, America, and White straight citizens.

The Idaho Diary.  I’m not sure the Trump investigation can spare 30 FBI agents.


The Republican HOR should already have the charges for this toad’s impeachment–he is obeying his boss–Joey.  Impeach both—5,431 illegals a day are crossing the border.

Get on board.

They appear to be made in California.


The libs can’t even sell drugs successfully.

Did these people vote Democratic–for the current policies ????

Louisiana has a hero pooch.  The mayor of New Orleans is also a pooch.  She spends more money on herself than Sam Bankman-Fries spent.

They must want a monopoly to do the games.

Last week in review.

The liberals/dems are evil.

A ” freak wave ” hits South African city.

The fashion industry has an obsession with children.


  1. You can own a politician with only 1 condition, not like 5 for a unicorn. An ounce or so of my likeness.

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