This is true, Iger at Disney wants to shape America’s culture.  We should boycott all Disney products. Why  support our enemies?

Maybe Brittney could help out.  She is free again. Is a little dope smoking OK ?


This dad is caught in the Sheep-Circle-Loop that we reported on a few days ago.  Let a Border Collie bite him.


The Fake Editor:  Is this a test, LL ?

The Common Sense Cat:  It might be a test or just clarifying things repeated by the media.  Do lemmings jump off  cliffs ?  You will be surprised to learn that the misinformation is from a Disney movie.  The D also said it is fun to castrate boys and remove girls’ ovaries and breasts.

The frog does jump out of the warm water as it heats.

Ostriches don’t stick their head in the sand to avoid danger.

It is true that Democrats and Republicans are both crooked.  The dems just hate America more.  The Reps don’t want to kill the goose.

Here is more gold news from loyal reader MS V in Washington State.

How about this ?

Walls don’t work is one of the biggest media and Democrat lies.  Two examples.


The Dems love equity, put a dungeon or cellar in every city for BDSM sexual pleasures.


Nancy is a nasty, filthy, POS.


Joe, Mayorkas, and the media continue to tell us that the border is fine.


The FCC are Joey’s buddies—America last.

I want Republicans to return the favor.  We know that no punishment leads to more crime.  Joey and Hunter are begging for punishment.

I hope Disney stock drops to Biden’s IQ.


Noem is right.  No government should be sponsoring a political agenda.  No experimenting on anyone under 18 years old.

Mitch is a SWAMPER.  His number one priority should be America First.

Mitch’s budget looks like a ” SO ” wish list.  It probably has funds included to castrate 5 year old boys and remove girls ovaries.

Mitch needs a visit from you know who—Karma.  The 6 million dollar Murkowski support ends my support for Mitchie.

The Republicans have too many “Swampers ” in Congress.  Mitch has been there since 1985.

I didn’t read where the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) stated that men with XY Chromosomes can’t compete against women with XX Chromosomes–they indeed are fuzzy.

Stacey is a MSM creation.  She can be Kamala’s VP.

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