The New Yorkers are smooth talkers.  You just have to be sure of the sex.


You be the judge.

If the Jack mentioned is Jack Daniel’s it isn’t a bourbon.


The Ho Ho Ho Editor:  What are some ideas, LL ?

Remember Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus.  Santa kind of co-mingled the event.

The Pumpkin Spice Cat:   Presents are for kids, but here are some suggestions.  Again, Christmas is for kids, the first link has some liberal BS in it.

These are for next year, or never.

This is why Joey wanted 85,000 new IRS agents.

Order for next year.

Pilk and cookies.

Some Americans are stupid.

Here is a location for a Santa progress check.

Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Cost of the Twelve Days.  It is up about 10 percent over last year.

The Idaho Diary.

This is no surprise.

The Sphinx doesn’t acknowledge any liberal/dem new pronouns.  Our readers in  America and her territories identify as Americans.

The Left/dem viewpoint is a joke.  Now Black people can portray Blue people, but White people can’t.  What a hoot-don’t pollute.


Kevin is on the right track.  Sean Penn is whining about something, I won’t print anything he says.

America has too many petty, small in ethics, and can’t leave their politics at home individuals.

Canada has girl gangs that kill the homeless.

Thank Mitch ( Murkowski ) McConnell.

Rand says it sux.

None of the services are filling their recruitment quotas.

What is going on ?

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