Cambridge Dictionary changes the definition of man and woman.  Science isn’t important except to the Chinese.

She might move to The Northwest Territory and establish a kingdom.


Be careful.


The End Of Year Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

Go Figure Cat:  It’s about what happens after the original story or headlines are over.  When attorneys who represent clients in court lose their credibility, they turn to politics.  These lawyers are now in control of America.

This one was once mentioned as Presidential Timber after he defended a stripper against Donald Trump.

Mike’s star shone bright for a few months, he liked it, until someone put a bowl of blackmail in front of him.

The first newborn Right Whales of the season have been seen.

Thank Jimmy Caarrter and Obama/Biden.  The dems have always been good at hangings.


Good news.


Name a nuclear plant storage pond for Nancy, and throw her body in it.


The government ( taxpayers ) have no, none, nyet business funding any form of news.  National Public Radio is so biased it is unbearable to people who want news not opinions.

Sam is confined, that’s better than many criminals that have no bail in sanctuary states.


Thank RW for the new truck article.

This is how you can tell that the American education system is not working.  Children are getting ” SO ” and BLM BS instead of how to think.  They should move to New York State, and get elected.

This kid is a good example of failed parents and school.  He was raised by baboons.  Any kid with a nose ring who believes in Santa has mental issues.

One of the best music schools in America can’t escape the sexual abuse and misconduct.

Thanks to MS V.  NASCAR will have some new competition.  Do you remember the phantom-noose-garage door ropes ?  Mitch looks like a new age music star.


DC is a wonderful place to be a Democrat.

Sam will be OK as long as a trusted person keeps his financial records.  It’s working so far.

Cities that sponsor professional teams get more money back than they subsidize, unless the MLB All Star game is moved out of your city because of Stacey Abrams and Biden lying about ballot safety.

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