March was a good month.


Joe isn’t through trading.


The Dallas Editor:  Will all of the JFK evidence ever be released, LL ?

The Grassy Knoll Cat:  No, it never will.  It shows the participation and involvement of these groups and individuals in the cover-up of JFK’s murder—-LBJ,  Secret Service, DOJ, FBI ( J. Edgar Hoover ), CIA-Allen Dulles, Mafia, and probably many others.  It’s been 59 years, everyone involved is dead except the American Institutions, mentioned above.   Tucker Carlson had this to say.

I have read about 10 books on the assassination.  Why is evidence still hidden ?  Here are two people seldom mentioned in the coverup.  Dorothy Kilgallen was the Oprah Winfrey of the 1960’s.  She interviewed Jack Ruby in his cell.

Another strange death was Ben Bradley’s sister-in-law.  Bradley was editor of he Washington Post, back then it was still a newspaper.  His sister-in-law was having an affair with JFK.

After the recent media, Twitter, Facebook, CIA-FBI involvement in getting Biden elected, it can’t even be called a conspiracy anymore.  The American Institutions are as corrupt as Xi Jinping’s China.

This lady had/has some information.

Twitter is exposing how corrupt the FBI, DOJ, government, and media are.  Add America to this song.

Kamala gets visitors.  The border came to her.


The substitute weatherman is a big hit.


Is Kwanza a fake ?   BLM/Antifa, “SO”, and Woke are fake Democratic Party organizations.

These are some of the lies Joey has told.


The bill sux.

Too many are thieves.  The problem is voters are either stupid or like having their kids shot in Chi-Town.

Republicans who followed creepy-swampy-Mitch.

Proposes means nothing.  Let’s see if they do it.

An over 4,000 page law that not one person on Earth read.

Rand is a patriot.

Another young man dies from a heart attack.  Was he vaccinated ?

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