Those tissues are made from cutting down trees.


Inbreeding is good—look at the Democrats.


The Higher Education Editor:  What’s going on with colleges, LL ?

The MENSA Cat:  Here are two private schools.  If they receive no taxpayer money I don’t care what happens to them.  Oberlin is old and has many things to be proud of–but not checking the facts is a poor policy for a University.  You would almost think they were a major news media.

This is another private school, tuition is $52,000 per year.

An Ivy League University, Columbia, is being sued. It is a private school.

New York University has a thief in the finance department.  It is a private school.

Colleges and universities have become so evil-friendly, that many possible students choose to be ignorant.

The only hope this poor fool has for a meaningful life is to join a political party and traffic in illegal kids or drugs.

With 7 days notice, being caught outside is foolish. Smuggling drugs into Russia is safer.


Over half of Nancy’s HOR voted by proxy.  They authorized another member to cast their vote.  They were probably at home for Christmas.


I believe this as much as America’s media.

Mitch has to go.

DeSantis is doing his best.

School teachers and administrators have to be sued for them to realize they are employees, not policy makers.

This slug is a dem clown.  Masks work well around Democrats, they slobber and drool when speaking.

Whoopi has been a race baiting gutter rat for many years.

No person or organization in the history of the world has ever achieved greatness by diluting the rules/laws of science.

The vacancies, if any, will be filled by illegals.

Project Veritas has some fun.

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