The best of April, 2022.  I hope 2023 can beat it.


Journalist want a Constitutional Amendment protecting free speech.


The Unsafe Editor:  Are there many things made to break, LL ?

Don’t Break My Heart Cat:  There are more things than you can imagine.  One is any kind of sports milestone.  As rules change, equipment changes, and people change previous records fall like convictions in New York City or any sanctuary place.

One early ” Break In Emergency ” sign was concerning fires.

Many large money denominations are broken every day.  Recently, many places won’t accept anything over a 20 dollar bill, and some only accept credit/debit cards.  Before long only digital money will be legal.  Broken cars, border, and a full America.

Many people accuse companies of having ” built in obsolescence “, things designed to break or wear out when the guarantee expires.       

Every rule, law, custom, or anything else is broken daily.

Here is what the Man on the Street thinks of the current America.

The biggest fault of the United States Constitution is that it needs a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT.

Thieves in Congress and Presidency cannot be trusted to make laws that govern themselves.

The INTEREST on the National Debt is $475,000,000,000.00.  Almost half a TRILLION DOLLARS.

It may be too late to save America.


Snowden and Assange blew the whistle about 10 years ago.

Chip needs to head a committee investigating Mayorkas for impeachment.

When America is full put up tents.


Al might have been right.

Our Street Man wishes an EMP wave would hit Washington, D.C.


China keeps looking for a war.

America’s power grid is of a third world construction.  We know terrorism is a joke, the border has been open since 2001.

The Idaho Diary.  Everyone has an opinion.

The Admiral, like Joey and the MSM, wants all criticism censored.  If you don’t agree with the “SO” plans, they want Jack Dorsey back at Twitter.  Where is Jack ?

Misinformation to the Democrats-liberals-MSM is used just like an assault rifle.  Define misinformation Rachael.  It’s their new lie, just like walls don’t work.

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