A plan for the ages.


If you don’t let illegals vote MLB will give your team to China.


The Last Year’s Editor:  Are you glad a new year is almost here, LL ?

The Year Of The Rabbit In China Is Coming Cat:  I sure am.  Thanks to all of our loyal readers, and the hundreds that contributed to my articles.

Here are some National Geographic photos.

These are people on Time’s short list ( 12-06-22 ).  They will have picked a winner by now.

Consumer Reports releases some information.

These links might have fireworks celebrating the new year.




Trump tried to ban TikTok from America, but the Democratic Congress and Joey are Chinese buddies.  All devices with TikTok apps on them show the location of the person to the Chinese government.  This includes soldiers, pilots, and sailors.


Our West Coast loyal readers should prepare for more storms.


The Republican HOR needs to impeach this fascist-pig.  Who authorized the fraud expenditure ?


I don’t know who is worse to have hate you, Hillary/Bill or Putin.


Unvaccinated blood donors are in high demand.

It looks like BLM/Antifa are performing more terrorist acts in Washington state.

Here are more opinions from a former toad of Schumer, and other know nothings.  Announce it now Joey.

One more time—review a few of Joey’s lies.

The FBI and media gave Joey the election.  I hope the officers are prosecuted for tampering, before they die.

Joey will have 1 active war and 1 in the oven.

Losers are continually voted back into office.

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