Even Billionaires have problems.


Schumer might wake up unemployed, except for his secret work at CNN.


The Rich Editor:  Is this about Sam Bankman-Fried, LL ?

Do Good Cat:  No.  Our Billionaire on today’s list puts John Beresford Tipton to shame, along with other billionaires.

I hope this causes major losses for the child abusers at Disney.

Disney and the Democratic Party should play this when they meet, they would have to add little boys.

The newly elected (R) HOR winner in New York ( George Santos ) is relieved that retired Pope Benedict died, Barbara Walters died, and the suspected Idaho killer was arrested.  It takes some news attention from him.


Mega Millions had no winner.  If you win Tuesday, you will be rich enough to get a return call from your HOR member or Senator.


Nancy, Schumer, and Bowser wanted to turn the Capitol into Condos.

Maybe Kevin needs some help.  When you go over a counter anywhere you are asking for trouble.  I choose Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman).  Smother those fries.

Nothing constructive will happen about the Capitol riot until the FBI is reformed.  They are corrupt.


A fire at Disneyland in Anaheim, what a shame.


These monopolies should be broken up.

Who does Google sound like, blaming someone else ?

Xi Jinping never stops.  It is deliberate.

I don’t believe Joey or the SS.

The University of Vermont should not receive any public tax money for people with gender mental issues.  Let them join the army and get treatment.

The voters still vote to be shot/killed in sanctuary cities.  Go figure.  Oh, I forgot-there is no punishment.

When swimming in Australia’s ocean, keep your mouth shut.

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