They will become stars.

Here are more lies from the CDC.  They are a political organization.


Get prepared for 2023.


The Warner Brothers Editor:  Is this a special, LL ?

The MGM Cat:  No, some of our movie fans wanted a taste of The Golden Age of Hollywood.   First we have our 2022  Remembrances from TCM.  These entertainment people died in 2022.  These Remembrances make me sad, for a cat.


Old Hollywood is for history buffs.

Joan Crawford got around.  Most stars did.

Karen was from TV not Hollywood, but had a good book title.  ” Bright Lights, Prairie Dust “.  James Garner had a good book title, ” The Garner Files “.

David Janssen before he became a fugitive, and Mary Tyler Moore before she became funny.

The Idaho Diary.  I would bet that a few drops of every blood test is sent to the feds for DNA samples to be put in their data base ( without your permission ).

They deserve the same privacy at home as the Conservative Supreme Court Judges got from the Democrat hoodlums.


Today the Mega Million jackpot is almost 800 million.


Pigwoman raises the salary that staff members can make to $212,000.00 per year.  Newly elected HOR members make $174,000.00 a year.  Your employee makes more than you.

The reason for this is that the incoming HOR, January 03, can raise their own pay by saying, my employee can’t make more than me.

Most members do as Nancy, use insider-information to purchase stock.  Their families are worth millions.


Here are the qualifications to be a HOR member.  If lying were a qualification half would be expelled yesterday.

Here is the HOR and Senate work schedule, assuming they can’t work from home.


Another Democratic failure.

Sue these teachers for not honoring their public trust.  A thousand shyster lawyers should be unemployed since the elections are over.

FJB and the loser-wokers.  They need a job.

Aliens are leaving California, before the crash.

Elon is still having fun.

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