This is what the dem lies and media have coming for 2023.  A year of what the HOR is doing wrong.  I can’t listen to them anymore.


No bill or law should be over 10 single spaced pages long.  Pass each funding bill separately, with a week to be read by the American public.  If the government shuts down all HOR members, Senators, President & staffs are not paid–PERIOD.


Hi, I’m Suzie Fly Me Editor:  Why does Joey take so many vacations, LL ?

Watch Out He’ll Fall On You Cat:  What else does he have to do?  The only thing left for him to **** up is the Far East.  When China or North Korea invade their neighbors, that will be it.  St Croix was this vacation.

A brief history, you might want to go there one day for a relaxed lifestyle.

The locations can be enlarged by moving your cursor.

Vacation ideas.

More information.

Maybe the 50 people accompanying Joey will meet Millie.

We have our two teams for the college football championship.  TCU and Georgia.  The game will be on 01-09-23.


The Monday Night Game was suspended when a player suffers cardiac arrest after a tackle.


The Land of Switzer says they will keep their two sexes.


I have stopped knowingly reporting anything concerning White privilege or superiority.  It can be found in the 2 news sources I list.


Mitch is a rich ” Swamper ”  maybe Karma will visit.

A College degree has always been a stupid idea for a job unless technical knowledge is necessary.  The problem is knowing how to thimk.  The founders never mentioned a degree in the Constitution.

These are all worthy investigations.  The Hunter deal should move on to Joey, for failing to enforce immigration laws, one of many illegal policies.

Having bad credit is not a good sign for a HOR member.  Sleep in your office and shower in the Congressional Gym.

The gym is almost kept secret.  It cost taxpayers 20 dollars a month, a good deal, better than your gym.

The HOR members and Senators I see on the various media screens look as if the heaviest thing they lift is 1.75 liter of liquor or a crack pipe.

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