Any rules that filthy Pigleosi can pass, can be repealed.  Do the same to Joey and Mayorkas.

See it first here.


Chris needs to be impeached.  Do like Pigleosi’s HOR did.

Several are really good.


The New Year Editor:  Is this new stuff, for our loyal readers, LL ?

Ring Out The Old Cat:  No, it’s somewhat old and recent things that I have to get out of my files.  You know how Amigo is about hoarding stuff.  For goodness sake you would think someone used wire clothes hangers.

TNYE:  That sounds like the lying scum-dipped liberal-Democratic media members that can’t get on Twitter and spread their vicious lies.


Wells Fargo has been a criminal enterprise for years.  They even opened accounts without customers knowledge.  They look and act like the FBI.  I wonder if J. Edgar Wray gave them a ride on the taxpayers plane ?

The Liberal-Democratic-Swamp Rats would hate Jesus, Mohammad, and Buddha.  They like union teachers who sexually abuse children, and anyone who hates America.

Richard Gere angers his neighbors.

Joe took another vacation during yet another crisis.  The only time he stayed in DC ( District of Confusion ) was when he was negotiating the release of the “SO” Drug Smuggler in a Ruski prison.

I’m weary of writing about men trying to be women, they can’t become women.  One more try to show the stupidity.

It’s a busy news day.  DeSantis for President.

Let’s see what Kevin has.

The Mega Millions Tuesday drawing will be about 1.1 BILLION.


The armed forces have to be cleansed of the “woke” scum in America.  The top generals and officers have to go.

Joey sends another scam to the Supremes.

America is more important than Joey, I hope he passes naturally today.  He is a repulsive POS.


Idaho Diary.


This is very much America.  Sue the school and teachers.

The school board members with knowledge of the rapes and attempted cover-ups should be indited.


A case similar to Damar Hamlin.

These turbines are a blight on humanity, and kill thousands of birds.

This employee needs to pay first class commercial air fares for his hubby, as all freeloading politicians should be forced to pay.

This will probably be my only mention of this swamp-sow, she is a racist hog.

Break up Meta (Facebook).  Make them pay for user data.

What about diversity ?


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