If your presents were late, this is the reason.


Lookout here they come.


The Athletic Editor:  What’s up with sports, LL ?

The Synchronized Cat:  The women of the world let men take away more of their sports participation.  As a cat, I don’t care if the females of the world give up all of their sports to men.  They are giving up gains that they have made in the past 100 years.

The pro golfer with the most wins has died.

Golfer Paige Spiranac reveals a health scare.

If you want to take back America, start locally for the next two years-school boards-mayors-District Attorneys-etc.  Gird your loins.

We need you Joe, run-shuffle Joe shuffle.


Conservatives/America First readers should remember that of the 15 votes taken to elect McCarthy not 1, one, uno, Democrat voted for him.  The battle has just begun.

Has Joey stopped flights from China ?


Kilauea erupts again.

Hill-gal to teach ethics and how to erase 30,000 emails from Secretary of State files.


The Idaho Diary.  I think the survivors were drunk or on drugs.  Loyal reader MST Columbo has the case solved, if enough readers comment she might explain what happened.


The early cars were works of art.

U-Hauls are leaving Californication as quickly as they can get them back from other states.  They have to pay drivers to drive them back empty.

Maxine is missing out on her 3 cocktail lunches.

I can’t see the traffic behind me to back out with big SUV’s on either/both sides.  I cat-drive a few yards more and find two empty connected spaces and pull head first into the second space.

A little justice.

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—SPORTS

    • Claus says the sleighjacker pushed him out of the sleigh and then took the reins, taking the magical flying vehicle on a joyride through the skies of Philly. Investigators believe the sleighjacking was random and that the perpetrator simply intends to get it over the Mexican border where it can be sold for parts. The reindeer may be taken to Canada where they’ll be made into jerky.

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