Pay your employees more and stop tipping.


This late news had to pass FBI censors.


The Nice Editor:  What’s up with punishment, LL ?

The Naughty Cat:  As everyone but criminals and Democrats know, punishment is the oil that keeps society running.  It prevents this.

If you keep abreast of what is going on you know that politicians and their toads  ( agencies )  aren’t punished for killing ( Southern Border illegals dying ) stealing or anything else.  On Cumberland Island, our refuge, we make people follow the law.  This is our favorite judge.  Everyone wants justice unless it is them or their children.

I like a poetic judge, scroll down to——The sentence:

I wanted to add ancient Roman punishments, but most were too inhuman for modern use.  I can think of about 100 national politicians that different methods could be used on–Google 10 most favorite ancient Roman punishments.

The Founding Fathers were aware of ancient tortures, that’s why no cruel or unusual punishments are permitted.

Keep the faith until we see what Kevin will do.

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