Here are your education leaders.  The parents need to sue the Woke hustlers.


The adapter will cost $1,000.00.


I was hoping beyond hope that this wouldn’t happen.


The PhD Editor:  What is going on in education, LL ?

The Illiterate Cat:  I’m not sure about much of America’s education system.  Parents who care about their children should take control of the local school boards, and let teachers know that they are employees.  Read past Sphinx issues about the problems.  Your children can have your values or those of a union teacher.

Colleges and Universities are just as pitiful.  The Republican HOR should not fund any education institution that teaches lies, false history, or doesn’t allow free speech.  Take the tax money away.  The media is going to smear you whatever you do or say.   This is one viewpoint.

The state of Georgia, USA seems to be getting money, but are the students learning anal sex or how to think ?

It’s difficult to get a comparable figure.  America is in the top 5 countries with money spent per pupil.

Finland probably has the best education system over time.  America sux since Obama and his ” fundamental transformation ” of America.

America should keep doing what the people want, and we will see what happens.  Home school your children.


The dawgs beat the toads.


Let’s go.


Is any responsible group checking to see why healthy teenagers are collapsing ?  Are they vaccinated ?  Flag football is a non-contact sport.

The beat goes on to brainwash minors.

No informed person believes this trash.


If people don’t elect politicians who will ban pit bull dogs, no one will mourn your dead child.  Over 100,000 people die from drug overdoses each year, do you see/hear the media complaining ?

I read about one pit bull killing, that reaches the news, each week. 

More justice, the BLM-“SO” don’t only want acceptance, they want you to become one.  It might take some child sexual abuse.

The NFL playoff games are set.

Maybe Bowser can make Union Station safe and clean again.

You had a chance to recall Newsom–too bad.

We have a new murder mystery.

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