Pam won’t stick to your nostrils like Cocaine.


They never listen to adults.


The Lucky Number Editor:  What is seven about, LL ?

The Roman Numeral Cat:  It’s just about 7–VII–or seven.  How many of the Seven Dwarfs can you name ?

What about the seven principles of Kwanzaa ?

I bet you can pronounce it better than Pigleosi.

Here are the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, Middle Ages, and now.

Seven is mentioned a bunch in the Bible.

Check out the Pleiades.

Don’t forget 7-11.

Here is the dice player singing.

Joey is a slimy two-bit Democratic crook.  The only way he will leave office is a natural passing, to where debased people go after death.

Newsom and the media can’t rig the weather.


Mega Millions will be about 1.4 BILLION.


This is part of what America First supporters voted for.

The Walshe Diary.


The Sphinx has moved Mitch McConnell and Kristi Noem to the NOT America First column.

I don’t care about Kristi, her SS #, or her plans after her continued support of companies that support child-mutilations.

Ronna has to go.


The Brink’s truck is an inside job, or they hire stupid people.

She is smart.

Let’s get going.

This is America’s fastest growing network.

The dems have weaponized every branch of government.  Low income fools continue to vote for them.  We can hope that the HOR can slow the fascist down.  The $600.00 GIG employee crap started in California under Newsom.  They still didn’t recall him.

So long Sasse.

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