This is a great example of media-creations made possible by a media without honor, that doesn’t criticize stupid Democrats.

Work on those improvements.


The Church will continue.


The Refreshed Editor:  Can you answer some loyal reader questions for 2023, LL ?

The Days Are Getting Longer Cat:  I sure can.  Let’s start with a fresh New Year.

TRE:  Loyal reader Dr. Jill wants to know if you are a Republican.

I’m an Independent.  I will support The Constitution 100 percent of the time or who ever follows it the most.

TRE:  Mohammad wants to know if you really hope some people die.

I sure do, it’s part of living.  I always include a ” natural death or karma “.  If someone is destroying America they deserve to die.  We have fought numerous wars, and lost a million lives protecting America.  It is stupid to ignore Americans trying to destroy America.

I once believed the elected politicians—-that time is over.  I have learned wisdom.

Joey can’t walk the Rice Paper.

DeSantis can do the walk and talk.

During 2023 Joey, the Democrats, and media will do nothing to benefit America without a court order.  If the Republican HOR can’t stand up to the iffy Republican Senators, America is doomed.  You weren’t elected to cooperate with America’s destruction.  This is just a small sample.


This is what the Democratic liars need, a big helping of it.

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