If I was Navy’s mother, I would already have my law suit ready for when Joey dies and the other grand children get their inheritance.

Don’t be cruel.


You can make bets on these predictions.


The Spelunker Editor:  Do you like caves, LL ?

Dark As A Coal Mine Cat:  I sure do, the darker the better.  Here are some caves from France, no one knows their real age.

The first cave is in Lascaux, France.  It is amazing that only camp fires were available for light, kind of like Germany now and California next year.

Early man might have seen this, inside for months during the winter.


Here is actual video of a blonde woman from another clan (tribe) teaching the concept of numbers to a Democratic clan.  As we all know the Democrats created another Klan in the 1800’s.

The dems learned the concept of numbers, and later excelled at ballot-harvesting.  The trade off was they lost the ability of abstract thought.

Human ancestors had to be tough.  The wokers didn’t last long.

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