Boycott Disney adults.


We need these pork projects.


The Home Depot Editor:  Are you a DIY cat, LL ?

Do It Right Cat:  When I can I do everything myself.  Here is what Bernie has to say—I agree.

Does this sound familiar ?  I am trying to not repeat the same Bull Shet over and over.

Boxing makes a decision.  NO TRANSGENDER FIGHTING AGAINST WOMEN.  IT’S CALLED SCIENCE.  No males will push women aside in boxing.  No catering to the transgender people.

The University of Vermont has it going on.  Maybe Big member Lori Lightfoot from Chicago will attend.

This song was 250 years old last week.

This is why the Sphinx’s Supplement didn’t make publication on Saturday & Sunday.  Our publisher and her husband live near the wooded area.

More video.


This must be a Progressive Democratic Statue.  It is the ugliest, creepiest, piece of junk I have ever seen trying to pass as art.


I just reported on hundreds of Chicago school children being sexually molested by school teachers/personnel.  You go Big Member Lori, you are evil.


Let the government crash.  If the HOR doesn’t put 10 billion in the bill to complete the Trump Wall let it crash.  The bill should say the wall must, shall be finished this year.


I wish I had larger type.  We want this–now.  Let’s see Nan-girl squirm.


Ballot fraud doesn’t exist, ask Joey and the dems.


China gave Biden’s Center over 54 million dollars that we can trace.  His only assets were classified and secret documents.  His deal is like the Clinton Global Initiative.  They still make Voodoo Dolls of the Clintons in Haiti.


Another death of a young person.  Did he get his mandatory government vaccine ?

Another unexpected death.  Was he vaccinated ?


The Senate won’t convict him, but to see him sweat for a few months is great.


The Democrat’s America.


Joe has to be impeached.  He has “Top Secret” files hidden everywhere.  No attorneys act as movers.  That’s a stupid reason for their finding the secret documents.  Remember Joey was Vice President at the time or leaving office.


Joey has another scam.

Citizens have to protect themselves.  Good shooting.

This is great.  Now reinstate the ban on wearing head coverings that Pigface removed so Omar could wear her religious head scarf.  Make her wear the hijab and burka.

The Walshe Diary.

This is getting bizarre.  I think Joey and Hunter are involved.

Another child abuse company doesn’t do well.

Merrick Garland is a punk.  He should be impeached for many crimes.  I’m tired of writing about him.

Bowser still has a little racism in her administration.

Diversity and equity are everywhere.

The Idaho Diary.

These jokers have no where to go if they quit.  The Chinese are always hiring.

Hopefully, this is my only mention of this dem-toad.

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