Joey is 52, it matches his IQ.


Build that wall.


The Captain Editor:  Are you familiar with cruise ships, LL ?

The First Mate Rat Whisperer:  I sure am.  Cats have been on boats, ships, and anything else big enough to have rats.  They came over with the Vikings, Columbus, and Pilgrims.

Travel on cruise ships is supposed to be a great vacation.  I have listed a few problems so my loyal readers can be prepared.  This is what can go wrong.

Barnacles and things have to be removed.  They slow down the ship and bring marine life to ports where they are not natural & have no enemies–like the Iguanas and Pythons in Florida.

This is one ship which didn’t have to have barnacles scraped off.  At the time it sank, I used the majestic, wonderful, Costa Concordia to show what was happening to America.  The Captain sounds like Biden, the media, and the Democrats at this very moment telling us how well we are doing.  Listen to him.

We need the Love Boat.

DeSantis wins again.


This is another case where someone in authority did a p**s poor job.  Check and see if the school employee has stock in the metal detector manufacturer.


Hunter and the person who cut the grass had access to national secrets.


Compare this with the hate and woke crap Americans have been continuously exposed to by the media and politicians for 7 years.  Toss in no punishment for crimes and you have a failed society.


Here are Three Godfathers-Commies.  They can’t save anything.

Gavin tosses the climate in the gutter.

Levine explains Joey’s stealing top secret documents, and leaving them in his garage.


Miss USA wins Miss Universe.


This is a good idea if the kids are taught what the truth is.  I could go to 9 sources now and all are telling the same lies.

I don’t know who to support.  I haven’t heard any hospitals or union nurses protest child sexual experiments.

Joey has over 4 million more illegals he has let in, he will have 4 million more if he lives 2 more years.

Kevin has to be as nasty and unprincipled as Schiff and Nancy.

Who started the gas stove lies ?  Where would we cook our crickets and cockroaches ?

This is sad.  A government that allows homeless Americans to live on the streets is a sadder story.

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