West Virginia coal miners show support for HOR hard work.


Send them to Tehran.


The Be Safe Editor:  Is this a special, LL ?

It Might Be A 38 Special Cat:  It is a reminder that with sanctuary states and cities, law abiding Americans need to be more aware of danger than ever.  Here are some reasons I recommend more than one gun at times, and lock those doors on cars homes, and bathrooms if necessary.  This lady could have avoided a terrifying encounter if she had a gun.

See how much simpler it is with a gun ( hidden on the towel shelf would be better ).

For goodness sake lock those doors.

Teddy Roosevelt had a bedside buddy.

Make sure everyone knows gun safety, and keep guns safe from kids.  Alec Baldwin should have known gun safety.

Here is recent news from Joey’s toads.

This article is two weeks old.  The police want to try this customer for murder.  They will say if the robber’s back was turned he was no longer a threat.  The last shot ” one to grow on ” is definitely a cause for concern.

This is funny, FJB and California politicians.  The Sphinx has already said give America back to the Native Americans.

The Walshe Diary.


All you ever wanted to know about government shut downs.

Joe is a lying monkey, like those who believe him.  We know almost everyone will work for anyone if the price is right.

The Republicans can’t beat the MSM, impeach Joey.  The Chinese have copies of every Top Secret document in his garage. 


Our woke military can’t even protect its own property.  There is no wonder it has recruited its last full recruitment year.

States will screw service members, while accepting ballots harvested anytime in the same calendar year.  The states I saw are Democratic.

A trans-woman is a MAN.


After the tornado, let’s try to get focused.  First is Hunter’s Nobel Prize for his concern for his 4 year old daughter.

I’m almost through writing about Joey.  The Secret Service has to clear every person who visits the President–it’s all lies.

Reports say Joey didn’t report about $500,000.00 in rent payment from Hunter.  I think it was a money laundering scam.

Maybe this will help.

Let it crash.  June is the date.

Companies should limit executive pay to about 10 million-total.

Is Home Depot helping employees ?

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