Don’t list your Alma Mater on your resume.

This can apply to many in your life.


Joe knows border patrol.  It’s as secure as Nancy’s home in San Fran Ball Peen-o.

What an evil monkey.


The Not Evil Editor:  What is evil, LL ?

The Religious Evil Cat:  Here is one viewpoint from the Qur’an.

I like the noun reference.




: the fact of suffering, misfortune, and wrongdoing


: a cosmic evil force
: something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity
The Shadow knows evil.

This appears to be a legal firearm in Texas.

The Walshe Diary.


The Secret Service approves every visitor that Joey & Jill receive.  They are liars, but we know that.  Impeach him !!!!!!   Use his neighbors security cameras recordings.

Use doors like this to see who wants in to give their bribe.  Fetterman is the driver.


It must be Yogi, where is Boo Boo ?  He is in the White House.

Aloha, Hola, and Shalom to the Wokesters & “SO”.

New species are named.

I bet ole Joe didn’t pay taxes on the half-million he washed for Hunter.

I wonder if Washington State’s progressive-woke criminal policies encourage stupid people, like this guy ?  He should go to McDonald’s.

I miss Ted Turner.


I wish this for America’s home grown enemies.  I write about them every day.

Lying and using the courts to make laws has become institutionalized—–start over.

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