Whimsical Art Part 1


4 thoughts on “Whimsical Art Part 1

    • Rinsing Pasta Patsy is a fabulous solution for me. I run an on-line dating service called DATE-A-WHIMSY. My largest complaint has been that Pasta Patsy’s personality is too starchy.

    • Tolley’s Topics ABSOLUTELY guarantees that the print is from Trump’s Baby book. It is the most recent of his famous Non-Fungible Tokens. This Digital Trading Card has not been shown on any other site. Order now. Like the others, you can bet, it will be scarfed up shortly.

      Be very careful not to get this valuable Trump NFT confused with the Hunter Biden Blow Art titled “Getting High On The Citrus Trail.” Hunter’s stuff can be purchased on the Home Shopping Network, not so with Trump’s Collectibles.

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