It’s a fish fry.

I hope the Republican HOR stops approving social engineering money for states.  Gavin has spent billions of COVID money on social crap.  He wants to pay reparations even though California was never a slave state.


Gavin is ready.  We want all-electric homes and cars.

Even golf is dangerous.


The Movie Theater News Editor:  Have you seen the news shown in theaters, mainly before TV, LL ?

Balcony Cat:  I sure have, here is a sample.

It’s strange that any crime committed by the Clintons or Bidens is old news, but you can’t escape the all day news of slavery which ended about 1865.  It sounds like Trump has slavery classes at Mar-A-Lago.

The University of Southern California ( USC ) has banned the use of the word field.  I’m surprised they still have Southern in their name.  No field of dreams, baseball field, football field, wheat field, etc.

Practicum sounds great.  These slaves were plowing the practicum.  It takes a court order to tell the wokers when it’s time to quit or shut up.

Here is a Kansas Wheat Practicum.  The slaves have been replaced by White Child Labor.,vid:9XBH9Zo3xGg

California should hop on taking the Southern off/out of every Left Coast usage.

Replace Southern with practicum in this song.  It is stupid, like the wokers–our perpetual victims.

What about the strict California gun laws ?


Nancy has home exorcised.  Her zombie kids are fearful that she might disappear in a green mist.

Companies like the Democrat’s economy so much that they are laying off thousands.


This article about a crime fighting Nun should have been with the Priest article on Saturday.  Maybe the church can show Pigleosi how to use a security camera.  I forgot, Pigwoman can’t receive Communion because she supports killing babies.


This is interesting.  Do you remember when the media cursed Trump for having this evil POS killed ?


This is one reason Disney ( the child sexual grooming company ) is too expensive for many middle income Americans.  These types of salaries are obscene, and will eventually kill capitalism.  Do you see the MSM condemning them ?  They are them.

The NYT turning against Joey means the dems are through with him.

Joey has a new chief of staff to schedule his nap time.


I hope these people are as deceitful and unprincipled as Nancy and her skanks.  I miss old puss filled Nancy.  Take her stolen fortune back.  Where are the videos ?

DeSantis wins again.  Warren should be indicted for not honoring his oath of office.

Poor Alec ?

This guy would make a good Senator.  He can replace Schumer.

Another young heart attack.

A victory.


2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—IT’S OLD NEWS

    • Good morning, Sister Mary. You are OVER-QUALIFIED to replace Joe Biden. You have conquered a ladder and he cannot climb the steps of an airplane, even with hand rails. I bet you can even ride a bike.

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